60 Minute Makeover-WordPress Optimisation

Do you have a WordPress website?  Is it slow to load? Are you losing customers?

Want to know why? It is most likely your website is not optimised for Google! This affects your Google rankings and customer experience…so basically you are losing customers!

Research performed by Google shows that WEBSITE SPEED MATTERS! Which is common sense really, if a website takes too long to load, are you going wait around for it or go elsewhere? No brainer really! Have a look at the latest Google research

Many factors effect your WordPress sites load time and performance. It could be your images and code are not optimised, or you have too many plugins. It could be numerous things that we as WordPress experts are experienced to spot and be able to fix.

We guarantee we can achieve a green insights optimisation score for Desktop and Mobile devices for your website or YOUR MONEY BACK!


Google have found that it is critical that your website loads fast and performs well or you will be losing customers.

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Test Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score Now

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that allows you to test the speed of a website quickly and easily.

It helps you see what is going wrong with your website and what needs looking at to give it a higher score. Your site will score between 1-100 and your goal is to get a green score on the Optimisation Tab.

Your website load time can be tested on other websites to check your website is loading under the golden 3 second rule.